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Revolutionizing Traditional Journaling with AI


Role: UX/UI Designer

Duration: Sept. to Dec. 2023






UX Research

UX/UI Design

Visual Design

Brand Identity


Patricia Jiang

Mariessa Pinto

Anika Grewal

Bri-Lynn Guemos

Lauryn Kung


InnerSight is an innovative mental health journaling app that utilizes AI to analyze users' journal entries for mood trends. Focused on individuals with depressive and anxiety symptoms, responsibilities for this project included UX/UI design, conducting user research, interviews, and leading the visual direction for both web and mobile versions.


21 user surveys were collected from individuals all identifying as anxious or depressive.

Survey results revealed that participants desired a recommendations section for managing mental health symptoms. Time constraints and mental health challenges made manual journal entry reviewing difficult. Participants also wanted an efficient process to start new journal entries.

Direct competitors were also analyzed to determine what was working and what was missing.

innersight competitors

The Goals

  • To serve as a modern alternative and accessible solution to traditional journaling methods and costly therapy sessions for individuals that experience anxiety or depressive symptoms
  • Streamline process for user to review older journal entries and understand their emotions with the help of AI

A user flow diagram was created outlining the biggest feature of InnerSight: having multiple pathways to finding AI-based recommendations.

innersight user flow

Mid-Fidelity Prototype

After the initial design ideas and sketches, a mid-fidelity prototype was created, keeping the design simple to encourage feedback from participants during user testing.

innersight mid fi wireframes

User testing was conducted with 10 individuals over the course of two weeks, with adjustments made along the way.

Key Insights from Usability Testing

  • Participants did not want to see percentages or statistics; rather, they needed an easier way to understand their overall mood trends.
  • Ease of starting a new journal entry with prompt was extremely helpful.
  • Remove calendar overview from insights page; prioritize displaying journal entries with associated moods.
  • Participants would prefer text-based mood insights rather than emoji-based ones.

Design System

A monochromatic purple palette was utilized to evoke calmness and consistency for the user, and a set of components were created to be used for the mobile version's high fidelity prototype.

innersight design system
Finding AI-Based Recommendations

In addition to discovering AI-based recommendations of the week on the home page, users can also view recommendations for specific journal entries.

innersight ai-based recommendations
Looking At Overall Mood Trends
innersight ai-based recommendations
Ease of Creating New Journal Entry

Multiple ways of creating a new journal entry were implemented based on our user research results, including on the home page, and with the + button on the navigation.

innersight ai-based recommendations

Closing Thoughts

  • Iterative designs and testing are are important
    Multiple user tests were conducted from mid- to high-fidelity prototypes with the target audience. This ensured that the application proactively addressed their needs and that the implemented features were helpful.
  • More refining in the future
    Due to time constraints, some feedback received from later user tests was not implemented. Given more time, we would have liked to refine our application to address all the feedback received.