Got to Go

Empowering Communities One Review at a Time


Role: UX/UI Designer

Duration: Sept. to Dec. 2022




UX Research

UX/UI Design


Got to Go is a mobile crowdsourcing application where users collaboratively contribute reviews and locations of public bathrooms. The app is designed to cater to individuals who may experience anxiety regarding public restroom accessibility.

In my role as a UX/UI designer for this project, I conducted user interviews, research, and testing, and defined the visual direction for the mobile application.


With confusing locations, accessibility issues, or even lack of necessary facilities, getting to a bathroom can be a stressful event for the average person. For those with medical issues affecting digestive health or those caring for dependents, this struggle can be a source of daily anxiety.


To create a crowdsourcing app that:

  • Allows for community reviews
  • Provides comprehensive filters for bathroom amenities/resources
  • Allows community to add new public bathroom locations
got to go screens

User Flow

To better understand pain points of users when seeking public restrooms, 70 user surveys were collected asking locating and using public restrooms.

Results revealed that difficulty in locating signage for public restrooms, anxiety when asking strangers for directions to bathrooms, and a lack of direction regarding their whereabouts were strong indicators of the desire to use an app like Got to Go.

Market research was also conducted to compare popular direct competitors and analyze the features that were effective and those that were not.

got to go user flow

Low-Fidelity Prototype

got to go low fi wireframes

Above: a snippet of Got to Go's initial low-fidelity wireframes.

Based on time constraints, the low-fidelity prototypes was used to test users with different scenarios, including:

  • Creating a new bathroom on the application, and
  • Finding and reviewing a public bathroom

Key Insights from Usability Testing

The following insights were found from mid-fidelity testing:

  • Buttons on home page only have icons to indicate its function. Would be more useful if there was an action that user could do right away upon logging in.
  • Clear text enabled users to easily grasp button meanings or the purpose of a page.
  • Bathroom list was too overwhelming for user; need to reduce clutter.

Taking all this feedback, design decisions for this application on prioritizing the search for a public bathroom, improving accessibility to bathroom information, and fostering a sense of community among users.

Home Screen

The home screen was prioritized to be the first place users could find a bathroom. Therefore, a full-sized interactive map was added so users can quickly find a bathroom near them.

got to go home navigation
Finding Information About Bathrooms
got to go bathroom information
Reading Reviews About Bathrooms
got to go bathroom outcomes