Good Day Coffee

Product Packaging Design


Role: Designer

Duration: 2 weeks





Good Day Coffee is a trendy coffee brand that explores the use of different graphics on each can.

When presented with the opportunity to create product packaging design for any beverage, a passion for coffee prompted the creation of Good Day Coffee.

When creating these products, it was important that Good Day Coffee’s designs would stand out from its competitors and represent the popular flavours of caffeinated beverages enjoyed by younger generations.


Each animal represents a different flavoured beverage. To align with the hip and fun brand of Good Day Coffee, variations of sunglasses were added to emphasize this.

A distinct colour scheme was selected for each flavour so that the cans could stand out when placed on a supermarket aisle amongst its competition.

Final Designs

Vanilla Flavour

vanilla flatvanilla latte can

Nitro Cold Brew Flavour

nitro flatnitro can

Matcha Flavour

matcha flatmatcha can